Pricing Optimization

Boost Revenue by Targeting Users with Optimized Prices

OP is a Shopify app that increases merchants' revenue by targeting website users with optimized prices using a powerful AI algorithm.


Advanced AI Technology

Pricing optimization, the upcoming trend in the e-commerce industry, is now available on Shopify!

Now you can use a technology that not long ago was available only to the kings of the industry, a technology that will maximize your conversion rates and revenue!


20% Conversion Rate Uplift 

3% Avg Unit Price Uplift

22% Income Uplift


App Features


See Uplifts Within Days

Our algorithm predicts users’ willingness-to-pay function and sets the best price for each product based on your pricing preferences.


Average Unit Price Is Not Affected

The algorithm makes sure that the average prices of sold products will never get lower than current prices.


Flexible Scaling Model

We know that building trust takes time.

That's why we allow you to start showing optimized prices to a small number of users.

Exclusively Built for Shopify



Does it comply with data protection policies?

Yes, the app is cookie-free and doesn't collect any personal data. Prices are set based on aggregate public data. In fact, many businesses have started adopting it in the past couple of years, making it a commonly used model around the web.

Do I have to run it for all my products?

No, our scalable model lets you start showing optimized prices for only part of your products. The app is built with scalability in mind, whether it be the number of products or users it affects or how much fees you pay.

How can I monitor the preformance of the app?

The app includes a dashboard that displays the comparison between metrics from two groups: users who saw optimized prices and users who saw fixed prices. You can see clearly how much you gained from using the app's algorithm.

How do the charges for the app work?

Our pricing plans are based on your monthly order volume. Upon reaching the monthly order limit, the app will stop optimizing prices until the subscription is renewed or upgraded. You can try the app for free for 30 days.

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